Zoeller 98-0001 Submersible Sump/Effluent Pump Review


While choosing a best zoeller sump pump, you must specify the purpose of its usage. If you want to use it in your house, then a simple sump can effectively serve the purpose. However, if you are planning to use it for industrial purpose, then, you must opt for a heavyweight the industrial green Zoeller 98-001. It is also acknowledged by the name of Zoeller M98, ½-HP cast iron submersible sump. It is regarded as being one of the most influential names in the field of Sump pump.

Zoeller 98-0001 Submersible Sump Pump

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  • Powerful, ½-HP performance
  • Well-Designed build with top-quality components
  • Oil-filled runs cool


  • It should have a dedicated circuit to manage a high startup current

Both pump and motor are wrapped in heavy duty; oil filled iron projection which protects it from damage for many years and ensures its safety. It also enhances the longevity of the pump altogether, and your sump pump will run continuously for all seasons such as winter, monsoon, summer, and autumn.

Not only the internal parts are being kept safe, but even the safety of external parts are also very much ensured. To secure the external components from any damage, its all parts including hands, arm, guard, and fastener are composed of corrosion-proof stainless steel.

Besides protecting internal and outer parts like this, all other integral parts of Zoeller M98 is guarded by thick powder coated epoxy finish with a bright outlook.

Sheet metal is avoided to use in this Sump Pump. Moreover, the sump pump and motor shafts openings are also made of resilient carbon and ceramic material.

This pump can prove excessively useful for those who require sump pump to move a lot of stalled water.

At a 10-foot release tallness, the M98 puts out 3,660 GPH and 2,700 GPH at 15 feet. It is without channel yet leaves behind to ½-inch round solids effectively. The release outlet is a 1.5-inch female NPT fitting. A rough, exceptionally adaptable, 15-foot neoprene control line is pre-introduced with a 120VAC 3-prong plug. The engine draws 9.4A running and 29.2A quickly at startup.

A vital element of the M98 contrasted with other sump pumps is the strong polypropylene vertical buoy switch, which gives a liberal 6-inch skim range. That implies more water gets pumped per cycle, which is essential for littler sumps and prompts to longer engine life.

This not only a decent sump pump, it is an extraordinary one. For overwhelming obligation pumping or giving more headroom to your water pumping limit, the Zoeller 98-001 is an efficient, dependable speculation for your storm cellar. Connect it to and overlook it notwithstanding amid the most requesting water streams.

The powerful Zoeller M98 sump pump is being made in the USA. It relieves you in an utmost critical situation such as massive storm or rainfall about the flooded basement. Zoeller sump pump is an excellent pump which easily supersedes normal submersible pump with its sheer capability to release massive water logjam from the basement. You can be carefree about the quality of the sump pump, however, if you have any doubt then we can bet that after bringing it out of the box; it will surely bring a pleasant smile on your face.

Everything on the outside is made of either stainless steel or altogether covered with a hard epoxy paint. The pump runs unobtrusively for its size and attaches effortlessly to standard 1.5-inch release plumbing. It altogether goes down by a meaty 3-year guarantee.

In spite of the 6-inch coast travel that is processing plant set, you will keep running over a Zoeller 98-0001 survey once in a while that grumbles of “short-cycling.” What is going on in this circumstance is that the GPH of this pump is a confuse to the sump measure. Along these lines, even with six creeps of go, there is most likely a gallon or less of water encompassing the pump, which it releases in seconds, not minutes. To stay away from this, the sump ought to be augmented.

Another issue with this imposing pump is the high beginning current. Albeit most purchasers run it off a constant 15A 115VAC circuit, that is best for a 9.4A running size circuit is not code for the 29.2A beginning current. To be protected and maintain a strategic distance from occasional breaker trips, a devoted 10AWG/30A circuit ought to be provided with a 30A-style outlet. The exact opposite thing you need is a stumbled breaker on a dim, wet night when you are far from home.

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