Zoeller 507-0005 Basement Sentry Battery Backup Pump Review


Electricity problem may occur at any point in time. During the natural calamities such as a storm or rain, this issue becomes critical. During these critical situations, when there is completely dark out, and heavy flow of water invades in your basement. Then, the efficacy of your sump pump is tested rigorously.  However, if you have no existing sump pump in your house, then get ready for wet basements in your house.

  • And a wet basement can be the worst nightmare for anyone. However, Zoeller’s 507-0005 backup sump pump is tailored keeping in mind these uninvited events.
  • It proves an immensely capable sump pump which provides secondary battery backup in case if the primary sump pump fails in such serious situation, it will jump in and would excellently manage the situation.
  • The secondary backup feature of Zoeller’s 507-0005 can be embedded in any existing Sump pump with ease.
  • The reliable submersible pump is accommodated in lasting thermoplastic and removes water at a 1,380 GPH rate for a 5-foot discharge lift.

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The framework highlights an independent 10A smart battery charger for a 12VDC deep cycle battery, which is excluded. It anticipates battery wear out or cheating. LED lights demonstrate the present charge state of the battery and a perceptible caution sounds at 20-minute interims to let you know when the 507-0005 pump is locked in. The pump itself utilizes a dependable vertical buoy switch and an inherent substantial obligation check valve that adjusts to either a 1.25-inch or 1.5-inch release pipe.

Additionally included with the Zoeller battery reinforcement sump pump is a tough, polyethylene battery box, which suits any 12V Group 27 marine-review, profound cycle battery. The battery must be obtained independently. A deep cycle battery with a 105Ah rating supplies roughly 7.5 hours of constant obligation pumping and more if the pump is cycling on and off.

The pump accompanies a little LCD control board and a 1-year guarantee.

For reasons unknown, Zoeller sump pumps is not restless to share the same number of insights about their 507 Basement Sentry® reinforcement sump pump as different makers accomplish for their items. For example, not even in their manuals do they uncover the pump measurements or the amperage/HP evaluations of the pump engine. For not sharing, they get dinged on usability.

Per the GPH stream numbers that are given, this must be a ¼-HP pump. Here are other information indicates difficult to find:

  • The battery case is 13 inches long, 7.5 inches wide and 9.5 inches high. Any gathering 27 battery ought to fit.
  • This pump naturally stops at 14.5 feet of head, despite the fact that a 15-foot GPH is recorded.
  • The caution can disturb however, there is a 24-hour alert reset that calms it.
  • It has an assistant arrangement of contacts that can trigger a home security framework or an auto-dialer. That is a slick element that seldom is specified.
  • Take note of that this reinforcement pump is normally mounted over the sump, so its measurements are not basic. It is critical to install it at a 30-degree edge to stay away from sealing the pump.

In spite of the fact that the possibility of a reinforcement pump working with an assortment of sump pumps paying little respect to the producer is a sound one, it appears the 507 model has issues. About each third Zoeller 507 audit notices some issue. For example, being dispatched a deficient battery charger or another pump that does not go ahead happens incidentally. The above-sump establishment concerns purchasers likewise since it infers standing water on the cellar floor before it kicks in.

Reinforcement sump pump frameworks ought to impart a 100 percent certainty level in purchases. However, this one misses the mark. The cost is fairly high for a ¼-HP pump as well.


  • Install as an extra to any current sump pump
  • Includes check valve


  • Some quality issues, see beneath

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