Wayne WSS30V Primary and Backup Sump Pump Review


While out of the home during the rainy season, the first thing that worries you the most is whether your house is safe or not. You would often confront this question in your mind that whether water has invaded inside your house during your stay out and what will be the consequences of it. During your holiday, these pertinent questions will not let you relax and enjoy your vacation. So, if you are one of them who get worried seeing torrential rains, then, it is the time for you get relaxed and enjoy yourself.

Wayne sump pump

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Now, you must be wondering that how could you be at ease, if water is flooded in your house. So, here is the answer, now, you should not be worried about stalled water in the basement because Wayne WSS30V dual sump pump system with excellent battery back up would not let get your house flooded.  It consolidates the Wayne CDU800’s effective, thermally-secured, ½-HP AC engine and the Wayne ESP25 battery-fueled sump pump as a reinforcement pump. Under to a great degree overwhelming streams, both pumps can draw in to evacuate water quicker.


  • Robust ½-HP primary backed up by a 1/3-HP battery-powered pump
  • Pre-tested combo ready for drop-in installation
  • Silent running


  • Needs large sump

Both sump pumps work adequately when they are joined. The CDU800 enlists a cast iron housing and base, pertinently ball bearings and is entirely waterproof.

The impeller is produced using high-affect polycarbonate material. It interfaces with power through a pre-introduced eight-foot AC rope to any close-by outlet. Exchanging is refined with a parallel, double shaft switch, so if one post glitches, the other one keeps current streaming. The CDU800 utilizes a top suction plan with channel screen to avoid stopping up.

The ESP25 battery-reinforcement pump is worked as intense as whatever other Wayne sump pump. All alone, it releases 2,300 GPH of water through the conventional 1.5-inch release pipe. Both pumps are reverse ensured by appropriate check valves, which are incorporated into the bundle. Likewise included are a tough battery box with LED charge level markers, a discernable alert demonstrating when the DC pump is working and a robust divider charger. A lead-corrosive, deep cycle battery is excluded. You can utilize either a 40Ah or 75Ah battery. The last gives up to 3-days of pumping given ostensible process durations.

The whole joint is balanced and tried before leaving the factory, so you should simply drop it in place. It requires a sump no less than 15 crawls in breadth and 22 inches profound to work legitimately. When you have this combo pump introduced, you can expect peaceful, tried and true operation and not any more restless evenings notwithstanding when you are far from home.

Besides, a deep battery case, you must adopt a deep battery cycle separately.  ESP25 Wayne sump pump, a 75Ah  or  40Ah battery is specified. Since there is little value distinction between those sizes, get the greater one. The WSS30V will cost you about $400 more than the CDU800 alone. Whether you get just the CDU800 or the WSS30V, whenever you are away, and it is raining hard at home that additional cost will appear a deal.

Almost every Wayne WSS30V survey sings the gestures of recognition of this AC/DC framework and comments about the expanded certainty they feel knowing their storm cellar is dry and will remain as such. They additionally adore how simple the unit is to introduce, and that it accompanies check valves included.

Take note of that every pump has its own buoy switch. The main way the battery pump knows the AC pump has fizzled is if its buoy switch flips on. It is conceivable that the ESP25 switches on if the CDU800 can’t stay aware of an exceptionally high inflow. All things considered, both pumps evacuate water all the while. Wayne says the standard 1.5-inch release pipe can deal with that additional stream, however introducing a different 1.5-inch line for the battery pump will doubly guarantee that.

Check Reviews & Price On Amazon