WAYNE ESP25 Backup Sump Pump Reviews


While sump pumps inevitably run on electricity, back-up sump pumps either run on flowing water or a backup battery. Given that there is no fixed formula that provides a clear edge to either water or battery powered pumps, we decided to review both types. The water-powered sump pump, Liberty Pumps SJ10 Water Powered Back-Up Pump, has already been studied in a separate review, and in this review we shall focus upon a backup pump that runs on battery backup – the Wayne ESP25 Battery Back Up Sump Pump System.

One of the reasons for choosing Wayne is surely its lasting reputation among professional plumbers and technicians, but what really matters is its capabilities and its dependability in the event of a power outage. Hence, this review shall focus upon the critical parameters of performance and battery capacity of this backup sump pump.


  • Product Dimensions: 7.2 x 5 x 10 inches
  • Product Weight: 13 pounds
  • Type: Battery Back Up sump pump
  • Power: 1 HP
  • Discharge: 1 ½ ‘’NPT
  • Motor: 3300 gallons per hour at 0 feet head and 2300 gallons per hour at 10- feet head
  • Battery: 75Ah deep cycle battery
  • Warranty: 1 year

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Design and Build Quality

In keeping with Wayne’s reputation for building compact and solid sump pumps, the Wayne ESP25 Battery Back Up Sump Pump is shaped like a standard sump pump, though it is somewhat narrower than some mainstream sump pumps. Still, the shape does mean that the product would require as much space as a primary sump pump (and hence a larger sump circumference) but the compactness is conducive to the overall efficiency of the backup pump, and ensures that there are minimal protrusions that can suffer damage through impact against the sides of the sump or against the primary pump itself.

Again, the structural similarity with primary sump pumps means that the product has to be corrosion and water pressure resistant. Wayne’s solution to these questions is reinforced thermoplastic, which is capable of resisting corrosion as well as any cast iron product. An additional benefit of such a construction is that while cast iron housings depend on epoxy or similar paint for corrosion resistance, the product does not require any specific coating and hence leaves you free from the worries of periodic painting/coating.

External Parts (handle and discharge)

Maintaining the compact design, the Wayne ESP25 Battery Back Up Sump Pump replaces the standard bulky handle with a ring that is sufficient to lift the pump and place it in the desired sump. Further, it is made of stainless steel that does not break or corrode easily.

The discharge is a 1-1/2” NPT one that is slightly elongated in shape. This helps it maintain the optimal distance between the top tip of the discharge and the top of the backup pump, and therefore prevents the development of an air cushion between them. As expected, it is compatible with most mainstream 1-1/2” PVC pipe designs, and through it, the discharge can be connected to the main pump’s discharge pipe through a Y or T connector.

Motor and Sealing

The company has provided the Wayne ESP25 Battery Back Up Sump Pump with a motor that is capable of draining 3300 gallons per hour at 0 feet head (i.e. at same level as pump) and 2300 gallons per hour at 10 – feet head. It has a maximum head of 20 feet, which should be sufficient for any sump, regardless of its structure. Indeed, this combination of efficiency and height is very rare among back-up sump pumps, and more than justifies the similarity in size and shape with primary sump pumps.

As expected of a reputed brand, the motor has been carefully sealed from both the exterior and various parts of the pump that may allow water through (the discharge for instance). This makes sure that the most vital of the sump pump’s circuitry is saved from coming into contact with water.

Switch, Battery and Charging Case

The Wayne ESP25 Battery Back Up Sump Pump has a reed-type switch which is attached to a small movable float. The benefit of this type of float derives primarily from the fact that it can be raised or lowered without modifying the height of the sump pump. Whatever the height at which the float is set, whenever water moves up to it, a movable section within the float clicks and this is transmitted to the switch, which then sets the pump in motion. This happens automatically depending on the water level, so that there is no need for monitoring the backup sump pump.

The Wayne ESP25 Battery Back Up Sump Pump uses a 75Ah deep cycle battery that is to be placed in the tough thermoplastic case that comes with the product. The case acts as a charger as well, and once the pump is properly installed, the charger cum battery should be placed at a safe distance from the sump, preferably at a place where there is little chance of water seeping into it. Once placed properly and connected, an LED light at the side of the charging case will display one of the three colors – green, yellow or red – based on the amount of charge available.

An interesting facet of this charging case is that when the pump starts running, it emits a high pitched sound, so you can be made aware of the automatic on/off cycles should you want to know. However, the sound is not loud enough to be heard across the home or commercial establishment, and this often leads customers to install amplifiers or similar instruments near the sump. Lastly, the battery is never included with the Wayne ESP25 Battery Back Up Sump Pump, though it can be purchased in the market for an affordable price.

Warranty of the product

The Wayne ESP25 Battery Back Up Sump Pump has a 1 year warranty that includes all parts of the product. It can be availed by bringing the backup sump pump to the nearest authorized service center.


  • Powerful motor with excellent pumping rate
  • Decent discharge size
  • Flexible float and switch assembly
  • Charging case possesses LED indicator, can indicate start of motor through sound
  • Good thermoplastic build


  • Audio indicator of motor working status not audible at moderate distance
  • Battery not included with the backup sump pump

Customer Reviews

Customers noted the solid build and excellent water pumping capacity of the Wayne ESP25 Battery Back Up Sump Pump, and also pointed out that it was extremely easy to install. Further, they noted that the battery indicator at the side of the charging case was really useful during storms when the power failed and the area became too dark to check the sump pump or the battery. However, a few users complained about not getting a battery included with the backup sump pump kit. Some users also complained about not being able to hear the start indicator when they were on the other side of the room.


From what we have seen in our sump pump reviews so far, 3200 gallons an hour is an excellent amount for a primary sump pump, let alone a backup sump pump. However, this is actually a blessing because often the poorer primary sump pumps collapse under excessive water pressure, and then the backup sump pump has to handle a load greater than the primary sump pump. To some extent this is expected because unlike a lighter water-powered sump pump, the battery backed backup sump pump requires power to run, and this power should provide dividends in the form of better performance.

That said, the Wayne ESP25 Battery Back Up Sump Pump has too high a pumping efficiency to be considered just satisfactory – it is outstanding. When considered along with the good construction, easy to see indicator systems and decent pricing, the product appears to be a winner on many counts. Indeed, when all its features are taken together, it becomes clear that if you need a really powerful backup sump pump and are ready to use a battery to obtain that power, the Wayne ESP25 Battery Back Up Sump Pump is perhaps the best product you will be able to get your hands on without paying a massive amount of money.

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