Pedestal vs Submersible Sump Pump


All of us have gone through the panic when the basement is flooding with water. It is one moment when you think either you or the house will collapse. But, nothing much actually happens. The house definitely suffers from some losses but you have the power to control the extent of this loss. You ask how? With a quality sump pump. An efficient sump pump helps you take the right measures in time ensuring that the flooding water does not cause serious harm to your infrastructure.

Sump pumps are heavy and strong body pumps that suck all the water gathered in your sump and pump it out, to a place located high, usually above the ground, and is far away from the house. What makes sump pumps more efficient is that they do not cause any harm to the basement or the sub-flooring of the house.

Different types of sump pumps:

If you are willing to buy a sump pump, the process can be intimidating. While an efficient sump pump can save you in the event of a water break or any other catastrophe, buying the best one remains a tedious task. There are two major types of sump pumps available in the market- Pedestal sump pump and a Submersible Sump Pump.

Both types of pumps find their own use in your household and have different features to boasts. It is important to know these features and also other related aspects of the pumps to find out which one is the best. In this post we will learn about both- Pedestal sump pump & Submersible Sump Pump and find out which one is a better alternative:

pedestal sump pump

Pedestal Sump Pump:

A unique and indent prone feature of a pedestal sump pump is that it is a pump with a unit divided into two portions. It operates on a motor that is installed on the basement floor and has a hose that connects the pump with the reservoir of water. It can be used where the water level is narrow or shallow.


  • In terms of cost, it is a pocket-friendly option with affordable price and installation cost.
  • It runs on lesser energy again saving the bill
  • Pedestal pumps have a longer life and are easy to repair in comparison to repair or maintain
  • As they stay out of water or sump, there are fewer chances of them to sustaining any damage during the process.


  • Despite all these features, pedestal sump pumps aren’t efficient like their submersible counterparts.
  • They take time to empty the sump increasing the chances of damage.
  • In case of heavy flooding in the basement, you cannot rely on pedestal sump pump to help you out.
  • Also, they are attached to the flooring of the basement, you need to make a permanent place for them on your flooring.

Submersible sump pump:

Submersible pumps are compact and designed in a way that both the motor and the pump are placed inside a container. This means that you can even put this type of pump under the water and it will work optimally. Because they can be submerged in the water, they are known as a submersible sump pump.

Submersible Sump Pump


  • Because it is installed beneath the surface, you do not have to worry about any permanent placement. Moreover, you can easily make way for any furniture or other storage without worrying about the submersible sump pump placement.
  • It is an efficient pump that can empty a flooded basement quickly.
  • The pump is extremely silent, you cannot hear it while it is pumping the water out.
  • The motor has higher horsepower which enables the pump to empty heavy load easily.


  • Submersible pumps are expensive and so is their installation
  • Because they are placed beneath the floor, you need to tear up the floor in case of maintenance or repair.
  • They are vulnerable to debris in the reservoir and can easily break down in such a case.


Choosing a sump pump, whether pedestal or submersible, depends upon the need. Both types of pumps have their own advantages and disadvantages. While submersible pumps have a longer life, pedestal pumps are cheaper and easy to maintain. If you can afford, you must buy a submersible pump, if not pedestal pumps are an equally effective option.