Liberty Pumps 257 Review


The best of the 1/3hp sump pumps is the Liberty 257. Composed entirely of cast iron in a unique one body piece this sump pump truly is built like a tank. Good luck finding a negative opinion on this one. The only negative I found, and this is in the entirety of the internet which is impressive, was from one (again I say ONE) person who could have easily fixed the issue.  More on that later…

Good for Small Sump Pits

The Liberty 257 is a great sump pump for smaller basins due to its magnetic vertical float switch. The switch works up and down in a flawless, vertical motion as opposed to others which jut out and can get stuck on the wall of your sump pit.  It’s also a very quiet pump, barely audible even when you’re standing right above it as a few owner’s of this pump have pointed out.

Pump Capacity

The capacity of the pump refers to how much water it can move within a given period of time. It’s usually shown as gallons per minute or gallons per hour. The Liberty Pump 257 is capable of moving 50 gallons per minute at the lowest head.

Liberty Pumps 257 Review

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Fully Cast Iron

The Liberty 257 is composed entirely of a solid, one-piece cast iron housing that eliminates the lower motor seal ring found on other pumps and is coated in a durable, epoxy powder coat finish.

Pump Power

The Liberty’s motor is efficient if you’re worried about the pump increasing your electric bill. The Liberty 257 is equipped with an efficient motor design reduces electrical usage by up to 40-percent.  This pump sits 1″ off the bottom of the pit so it requires more water to fill the pit before activation which means less activation and a longer service life since the motor isn’t constantly being kicked on.

Product Specifications

  • Up to 50 gallons per minute
  • ½ inch solids intake
  • Discharge head of 21-foot
  • Magnetically operated vertical float – operates in a 10″ diameter sump.
  • Weighs 20 pounds
  • Measures 14 by 11 by 9 inches
  • Requires 115 voltage
  • 10-foot “quick disconnect” cord (it can easily be unplugged and replaced. This is good if you need to get a longer cord)
  • HP of 0.33

What about Warranty?

The Liberty Pump 257 carries a 2-year warranty. Any problems with the function of this pump will be accommodated within this warranty period. Customers are advised to keep the necessary receipts and warranty cards given upon purchase.

What Customers are Saying

“This liberty pump is very quiet.”

“This is a solid, heavy steel case pump. It has a substantial feel to it compared to big box store brands. It has a nice durable finish.’

“So far, I am glad I went with this one. It has a rugged build and is incredibly quiet. You will only know if it is on if you are directly above the sump pit.”

“Because of the vertical float switch it fit into my very small sump pit.”

“Delivered on time as promised. Installation was easy and done within 45 mins (including new check valve & some cutting and new pipe installation).”

Any Complaints?

Nearly all customers of the Liberty Pump 257 give high praises to the product. In fact, it carries a 5 stars. Now back to the lone complaint I have come across.  You can read that here and make your own judgment.

Customer Service

Customer service for the product has been impressive as can be read through different reviews. Those who have called the manufacturer’s line noted that the results were fast and that they were very accommodating. Something our lone negative reviewer should have kept in mind (I don’t mean to sound snippy and I’m sure this issue was annoying to the customer, it’s just that I dislike when someone gives a one star rating to a product when they didn’t even try to rectify the situation).

Purchasing the Liberty Pumps 257

The Liberty Pumps 257 is definitely a good choice for anyone who wants something at a fair price and performs remarkably well for years. The item is currently available through Amazon but you can find it anywhere online. Right now however, Amazon is the company providing the best discount for the product.

With glowingly, positive reviews and only one negative on the entire internet (as of this writing) the Liberty 257 is the clear front-runner in the 1/3 hp sump pumps category.

Check Reviews & Price On Amazon