Best Sump Pump Check Valve Reviews 2020 (Top Picks)

Having a sump pump is important for home and facility owners to ensure their basement is always dry with no water accumulation. Sump pumps are quality equipment that allows throwing out the excess water from the basement or any other point of water accumulation to make it dry. But, have you ever wondered what would happen if the sump pump pulls back all the water from outside to the place it cleared earlier?

Yes, this could happen but with a sump pump check valve, you do not have to worry about it. The Sump Pump Check Valve is fitted in the discharge line of the sump pump and its primary function is to prevent the discharged water from coming back to the sump when you switch off the sump pump motor.

There are many types of sump pump check valve available in the market. If you are looking forward to buying one, here we have reviewed some popular sump pump check valves:

Top 5 Best Selling Sump Pump Check Valve Reviews


Zoeller 30-0181 PVC Plastic Check Valve

This is the best sump pump check valve that caters to your domestic and commercial wastewater elimination issue. Coming from the house of Zoeller, a company known for its quality products and services, the sump pump check valve offers guaranteed results in various water-related arrangements. Made with expertise, the construction of this check valve is dedicated to 100% customer safety and ergonomic solutions. Aptly priced and thoughtfully made, this check valve is one of the most sold sump pump check valves in 2018. Here are a few of the key features of this safety valve designed especially for sump pumps:

Sump Pump Check Valve

Key Features:

  • It has 1-1/2 slip x slip unions which allows it to connect with the disposal lines easily.
  • Most of the sump pump safety valve come with sharp 90-degree edges, but not this one from Zoeller. It has flapper bends installed over the radius to prevent cuts from sharp edges.
  • It is designed in a way that it lowers the water hammering force.
  • It can be installed in both ways- vertically and horizontally.

Product Specification:

  • Product measurement: 9.8 inches x 17.5 inches x 6.8 inches
  • Product weight: 14.4 ounce
  • Material: Metal and Plastic

  • With high friction and anti-slip property, it fixes perfectly with the discharge pipe.
  • It is multi-purpose and can be easily fixed horizontally or vertically as per the sump pump requirements.

  • You will need a little plumbing expertise to make this valve fit the disposal line perfectly.



If your old check valve is too loud and you can hear it upstairs in your living room, you must replace it with Campbell CHECK VALVE QUIET CLR1.5 by BRADY. With striking aesthetics and impeccable functionality, this sump pump check valve is the best replacement for your old and always failing check valve. It is made in a way that from novice users to experienced sump pump owners can use them alike. It also works perfectly with high water pressure and allows homeowners to have an assurance of no discharged water pushing back. It is made with an ergonomic approach and thus is highly user-friendly. Here are other key features of this sump pump check valve:

Best Sump Pump Check Valve

Key Features:

  • It is made with clear Poly Vinyl Chloride (PVC) which makes it more functional as well as visually appealing.
  • It measures size 1-1/2 In. and to connect it with the disposal line, you need to exercise Slip into Slip connection.
  • It can easily work on regular and cracking water pressure measuring 150 psi and 300 psi respectively.
  • It also stands against 120 degrees F temperature of water.

Product Specification:

  • Product measurement: 3.3 inches x 3.3 inches x 9.5 inches
  • Product weight: 1.2 ounce
  • Material: Metal

  • An entire metal built makes this sump pump check valve sturdier than its plastic counterparts.
  • It works perfectly with regular and cracked water pressure.
  • It has slip to slip connection which can be easily installed.

  • Slip –on-slip connection can at times break off and you can have the discharged water pooling back in your basement.


Superior Pump 99555 Universal Check Valve

Here comes one of the best sump pump check valves, the Superior Pump 99555 Universal Check Valve. Made of high-quality plastic, this safety valve suits the requirements of domestic and commercial users alike. The ergonomic design makes it suitable for a variety of applications. With quality construction and premium material body, it is one sturdier and durable solution for sump pumps. Highly mechanical, the sump pump check valves allows no water to come back to the basement. Check out the key features of this safety valve:

Sump Pump Check Valve Reviews

Key Features:

  • The sump pump fits a variety of pipes and fittings perfectly. From PVC fittings to Fernco fittings to Barbed Fittings and more, they are made to universally fit any and every type of fittings.
  • The valve construction is of ABS Plastic, sealed using top-notch Nitril-Bruna N seal.
  • You do not have to worry about male or female threads as this check valve fits 1 1/4″ or 1 1/2″ perfectly.

Product Specification:

  • Product measurement: 8 inches x 3 inches x 3 inches
  • Product weight: 7.2 ounce
  • Material: ABS Plastic

  • It is a mechanical valve and thus allows the water flow only in a single direction. This way it prevents the water from reversing back, the task that it is meant for.
  • It is a universal check valve that fits all fittings and male & female pipes alike.

  • You need to have a little expertise in installing the valve otherwise it can crack when over-tightened.


AY McDonald 4424-100 2069C 1 1/2 Clear Silent Check Valve

A fine product from the house of AY McDonald, this is a silent Check Valve for homeowners as well as commercial setups. It fits standard sump pump lines perfectly and prevents the water from coming back without any leakage. In most of the sump pumps check valves, users complain about leakage but not with this very sump pump. It has a sturdy built and can be easily installed by novice as well as expert sump pump users. Moreover, it is a silent safety valve which means you do not have to cover your ears to keep the water hammering sound away. Some more amazing key features of this check valve include:

Best check valve

Key Features:

  • Once you switch off the pump you do not have to deal with the constant hammering sound from the reversing water.
  • The valve prevents leakage completely as it is pressure tested for seals.
  • It comes with a stainless steel clamp which boosts its durability.

Product Specification:

  • Product measurement: 3 inches x 3 inches x 11.4 inches
  • Product weight: 12.8 ounce
  • Material: Plastic

  • It let you enjoy a soundless protection against the water reversing back to the sump.
  • Durable and affordable, this sump pump check valve is complete worth for money.

  • Despite being a highly mechanical valve, it has a limited life.


Zoeller 30-0041 50 psi PVC 2-Port Check Valve

Another great product from the house of Zoeller, this sump pump check valve is a blessing for sump pump owners. With this safety valve in place, you do not have to worry about the hammering of water, leakage or reversing water, at all. It also works perfectly in reducing the pump and motor noise that was earlier a big issue for most of the domestic sump pumps owners. Made with high-quality PVC Plastic, it is durable and visually appealing. A few of its key features include:

sump pump check valve reviews 2018

Key Features:

  • It is made to reduce the noise pollution (water hammering, pump and motor noise) completely.
  • It has a non-clog design which makes it perfect for both vertical as well as horizontal application.
  • It boasts of compression end fitting which makes it more effective and prevents leakage.
  • Made of high-quality PVC plastic it comes with high longevity value.

Product Specification:

  • Product measurement: 3 inches x 3 inches x 11.4 inches
  • Product weight: 12.8 ounce
  • Material: Plastic

  • It is made with solvent wend which makes them very easy to install.
  • You do not need any threading or pipe to prevent leakage.

  • There is very little information about the product on the case or on the product itself.


You need a sump pump check valve to make sure you do not have to face a water pool in your basement, only when you thought you cleared it already. Coming from renowned brand houses, these sump pump check valves are the best for the job. Choose any of them and eliminate the pump and motor noise while ensuring that the once discarded water won’t reverse back to your basement or any other area.

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