Best Pedestal Sump Pump Reviews With Top Picks

A sump pump is a handy machine that is very common in households having a basement or a floor of the house below the ground level. A very handy tool indeed, it helps to keep your basement from flooding which may be caused due to underground water seepage or the rainwater harvesting system. It helps to get rid of unwanted water in houses where the water level is above the base of the house by rerouting it to any other place where it no longer is problematic for the house itself and to protect the house from dampness too.

There are two types of sump pumps, and one of them is the pedestal sump pump, in which the motor is fitted directly above the sump to enhance functionality. There are many brands of pedestal sump pumps available in the market, but how can you ensure that you buy the best one? Worry not we are here to help you find the best brand so that you get the most effective device out there for the price that you pay.

6 Best Pedestal Sump Pump Reviews


Superior Pump 92301 1/3 HP Cast Iron Pedestal Pump

Available on Amazon, Superior Pump 92301 stands out from its competitors due to it’s high durability given the fact that it is made out of cast iron. In addition to high durability, the water flow for this product is also optimal, due to its 1.5 inch discharge. This rough and tough product is made of hardened steel and cast iron mostly and this makes it one of the most durable and tough products in the market. After all once you buy you would want it to go on for years and years to come. And that is something which Superior Pump 92301 does not fail to provide.

best pedestal sump pump

Features and Specifications:

This built to last pump provides many features which are listed below-

  • Due to the 1.5 inch discharge, the product claims to transport up to 50 gallons of water minute.
  • The base material being cast iron stands for high durability and makes the product built to last.
  • Made with non corrosive stainless steel, the drive shaft also provides durability and sustainability.
  • A fully adjustable automatic switch provides convenient operation.


  • The advantages of the product are many, and the high durability of the product ensures that once invested in, it keeps efficiently operating for many years to come. Along with the high durability, it is efficient in its operations as its claim to transport 50 gallons of water per minute turns out to be true as reporter by most users.


  • Although the cons of the product are few, the float rod has been reported to be smaller as compared to its competitors and turns out you might have to replace it with another one which is long enough for your house.

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Flotec FPPM3600D-01/09 1/3 HP Pedestal Sump Pump

Developed by Flotec, this product unlike the former, is made of thermoplastic. With a cast iron base, the product is designed in such a way that the top inlet does not allow small stones or other flow blocking materials to enter and thus ensure a smooth water transportation. As we read above, as the product is made of thermoplastic, it provides for easy installation. Also this means that the product is effective only for smaller sumps.

pedestal sump pump reviews

Features and Specifications:

This smaller pump comes with many effective features-

  • Although the product is suitable for smaller sumps, still it claims to pump 3480 gallons per hour, which given its smaller size is a much impressive claim.
  • ⅓ HP motor which is durable enough for smaller operations.
  • The product comes with a 6 inch grounded cord which means a better functionality and easy setup.
  • Ensure smooth flow due to its clogging prevention impeller.


  • The rugged cast iron pedestal design ensures easy set up
  • The flow inlet, Being clogging preventive, means that you get a smooth flow of water without any blocking up of debris.
  • An impressive 6 inch grounded called means convenience as it can be easily set up anywhere.


  • Due to pump size, the product is not that effective than its competitors in larger sump areas.
  • The build comprising of cast iron and thermoplastic means that it is not rugged enough for the durability that the former product provides.

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Zoeller 84-0001 Old Faithful 84 Pedestal Pump, 1/2 HP, 115V

The old faithful series from Zoeller is designed for performance and premium quality. Each product is rigorously tested and does can be trusted for premium quality and performance. Designed for household purposes and minor commercial purposes, the product is a small player which functions in area as small as 18” x 22”. Made with incorrodible materials, again the product provides for durability and stability for many years to come. At the same time the pump is set above in order to protect the motor, and features a strainer which keeps the loose debris out of the system to ensure a smooth flow. An extremely useful product, it is one of the best sump pump among its competitors which can be trusted in terms of performance and quality.

how to replace a pedestal sump pump

Features and Specifications:

  • The motor is metal in closed which protects it from the seepage water and protects it. The split phase motor works efficiently and is permanently lubricated.
  • High temperatures can be easily dealt by the motor as it is thermal protected.
  • 1.5”FPT discharge allows for more water to be transported in a shorter period of time and thus the product can handle larger flows of water.
  • Comes with an adjustable cycle, with the default factory setting at 9” and maximum limit being 12”.


  • The split phase motor tends to handle pressure efficiently in case of smaller sumps.
  • The rigorous quality control tests from the manufacturing company ensures the product build quality.
  • The motor coming with a metal protected covering, make sure that the water does not see through and harm the motor or its performance.
  • Thermal protection provides the motor to be efficient in higher temperatures.


  • The product is only suitable for domestic or lighter commercial functionality, which limits its usage.
  • Many users found that the pipe was not durable enough, and the weight of the product itself is so much that the pipe does not efficiently handle the weight, increasing the risks of bending.

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Zoeller 585-0005 Aquanot II Battery Backup Pedestal Sump Pump System

Zoeller Aquanot ll is a new age pedestal sump pump system which comes with battery backup. It comes with the traditional sump pump system along with a 28 ampere chargeable battery. It is a convenient and a new age pedestal sump pump system as it also includes an alarm. Zoeller also conducts individual testing for every product, so it stands the same in case of its build quality as its other products. So simply speaking, quality of the product is not an issue.

wayne pedestal sump pump

Features and Specifications:

  • The product comes with a 28 ampere battery charger, which is sufficient enough for the battery that it holds.
  • With LED status indicators, the problem or risk of overcharging is also not an issue as you can efficiently check when the battery is fully charged.
  • Convenience reaches the next level as the battery is capable of auto recharging and you do not have to set up the charger every time the battery runs low.
  • A handy microprocessor controlled sump pump makes the product much efficient then its competitors due to its new age technology.


  • The battery of the product is very efficient in handling continuous strains and lasts for a long period.
  • Auto recharging of the battery make sure that you don’t have to take the strain of running up and charging the battery when it runs low.
  • It enhances functionability as it comes with extra protection in case the primary pump fails due to any circumstances.


  • The operation seems to be a little inefficient in some cases, where the sump pump does not start automatically even when the sun starts to flood.

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Wayne RECONDITIONED 57032-RP1 1/3 HP 2,800 GPH Pedestal Sump Pump

Wayne PTU30 is a reliable and durable pump which makes the process easier. It comes with a 1.5 inch discharge which competes neck and neck with its other competitors by providing an efficient water flow. That 2800 gph motor is powerful and has the ability to handle higher water pressure and larger sumps. Coming with a glass reinforced pump, it efficiently prevents the motor to come in contact with water and in this way ensure that you don’t have to worry about the water seeping in and harming your motor’s functionality.

zoeller pedestal sump pump

Features and Specifications:

  • The powerful motor is capable of pumping 2800 gallons per hour which means the product is a big player and can efficiently handle larger water rates.
  • Comes with a non corrodible thermoplastic pump housing.
  • A 1.5 npt discharge means that the installation is as easy as it gets.


  • The glass reinforced pump housing means that you don’t have to worry about the water damaging the motor.
  • The motor is powerful enough to handle higher water pressure which means you don’t have to worry about the pump’s capacity.


  • It has been found in many cases that the stem holding bracket seems to be a little fragile and may be damaged even during delivery.

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ECO-FLO Products EPC50 Pedestal Sump Pump with Vertical Float Switch

Eco-Flo pedestal sump pumps help you to pump out flooded water from every nook and corner of your basement. An optimum flow and head performance means that it exceeds its competitors, that is what it claims. But it is as good as its competitors in case of quality control since all its products are CSA approved. The company is pretty confident about its products and claims them to be highly durable.

how does a pedestal sump pump work

Features and Specifications:

  • A product developed for basement sumps, which provides effective water pumping from every corner of the area.
  • Comes with top mounted adjustable float switch which helps to monitor and adjust the length of the float.
  • Comes with overload motor protection so that the motor can be protected in cases of short circuits and unstably higher power delivery to prevent blowing up of motor.
  • Comes with 115 volt capacitor motor.


  • The smart overload motor protection in shows that the product has a long life and prevents short circuits.
  • Is effective in pumping out the water in basement sumps.
  • Is capable of pumping out 5000 gallons per hour.


  • The shaft is easily corrodible and in many cases has been found start rusting within 2 months of installation.

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How To Choose the Good Pedestal Sump Pump

Choosing the right pedestal sump pump is the most crucial task that you will come across, and even with all the well performing alternatives available in the market, you may end up with the wrong product for you which may not optimally work according to your needs or area to be covered. So choosing the appropriate pedestal sump pump can be done in the following ways-

  • Check your primary pump

First you need to check the data plate that is placed on your primary pump. It displays various credentials which can help you to find the most appropriate pedestal pump for you. Check the HP of the pump so that you can choose the pedestal pump with the same bracket of horsepower in it. This helps to enhance compatibility which in turn prevents short circuits.

  • Check your operational needs

If you need to buy a new pedestal sump pump for you, you need to check how often would you run it. You need to keep a check on the flooding schedule and figure out how many times the pump would be used so that you can use the one which is optimally designed for regular operations and also keeping check the power consumption at the same time.

  • The material of the pump

Earlier sump pumps were made out of cast iron and workers more durable than the recent versions which are made out of thermoplastic. Cast iron was able to handle more wear and tear and what does able to last for long years, and you can still get yourself a pump which is made out of cast iron. But the thermoplastic pumps also provide you the facility to have a pump with more HP at a lesser price. So you need to choose whether you need to go for durability or more power.


So as we saw, there are a wide range of pedestal sump pumps available in the market today ranging from the less powerful to the most powerful, and from the less durable to the most durable. The 6 variants that we talked about may have some good features but there are some things which they lack. As each of these excel in some situations while have their cons too, you need to make the right choice as to what pump you need for the best applicability. Yes there maybe many good substitutes available in the market, but there always is a right one according to your requirements, and the final verdict is yours. So choose wisely, and check what features are important for your house and what are not and thus find the best pedestal sump pump for you.